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Have You Ever Been Lonely
George Brown (Billy Hill) and Peter De Rose

"Just before writing 'Last Round-Up,' my father had disliked greatly the term 'Hill Billy' music; so he wrote under the name of 'George Brown.' After 'Round-Up' became a big hit, he became more accepting of the term and went back to his real name, 'Billy Hill,'"
óLee Hill Taylor

Have You Ever Been Lonely?
(Have You Ever Been Blue)?

Two of a kind everywhere I see
Lovers in the moonlight, robins in a tree
Now that we have parted what am I to do
But make this plea to you?

Have you ever been lonely, have you ever been blue?
Have you ever loved someone just as I love you?
Can't you see I'm sorry for each mistake I've made?
Can't you see I've changed, dear, can't you see I've paid?
Be a little forgiving, take me back in your heart
How can I go on living now that we're apart?
If you knew what I've been through, you would know why I ask you
Have you ever been lonely, have you ever been blue?

My happiness two alone can share
Now that I have lost you, life is hard to bear
You and I have quarrelled, I'm a fool, it's true
Why can't we start anew?

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